Leesburg, virginia


wedding • LIFESTYLE • BRANDING • boudoir

wedding • LIFESTYLE • BRANDING • boudoir



i'm A hippie-ish, spirited, sun chaser

My photography career started once my first child was born. I've always loved looking at photos, and reliving those special memories you can't get back. Now I'm the Mama of 3 and love capturing those real, simple, authentic - and sometimes messy moments to cherish forever. I can't wait to capture yours!

joy, EMOTIONs and magic

Photos take you back to see the joyful moments of life you may or may not have allowed your present self to forget. I want to show your unfiltered emotions now! I know firsthand how our babies go from zero to 23 in the blink of an eye. I also know that tomorrow isn't promised. And while we can't live forever, I hope that the moments and images I capture of your family can stand the test of time!

I capture your vibrance,
your laughter, your love

If I were to list my photography superpowers, they would include Toddler Smile Magic, 40+ Extended Family Member Organization, and There’s No Such Thing As 'Unphotogenic'.  After 12+ years in the industry, I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve to not only produce joyful photos, but to make your session a really fun experience. 


Hey, I’m Alex! I’m a branding and wedding videographer and coffee lover. I use a cinematic and photo journalistic style with quick eye catching transitions that invoke euphoric awesomeness with excitement to show you and your brand are the best. The places my camera has taken me is the reason I love what I do.


Clarity and consistency, every moment captured perfectly

Genevieve Leiper is an accomplished, photographer with an extensive portfolio of images reflective of her clients' lifestyles and events.  With 25+ years of experience, she consistently produces high-quality images, resulting in tangible memories that last a lifetime.


I get it! I have been in your shoes. You know what you want but you're also a little overwhelmed and want to make sure you choose a photographer who you will feel comfortable with so that you can relax, be yourself and have images that show the real you.

This is why I aim to provide you with a tailored client experience from start to finish: I want you to feel well cared for every step of the way.


Based out of Northern Virginia, we have been working in photography for decades - and would love to be a part of your story. Our client experience is personal from the initial meeting to delivering the final product. More often than not, our clients become our friends, and we want our process and production to reflect that. We can't wait to meet you! 

Headshots, Brand Identity Image & Empowerment

With a background in corporate environments and law firm, I do understand the importance of projected image and tight schedules in fast-paced environment, and it is with that in mind that I provide headshots for professionals, actors and models and brand identity images for small businesses.

I also offer empowerment and glamour portraits creating powerful and stunning photos, prints and wall arts.