A Wedding Loft is a nurturing, encouraging physical location for entrepreneurs, female creatives, and wedding professionals to operate their growing businesses. If the member, client, or visitor cannot be respectful, kind, and supportive, then you do not belong at AWL. If AWL finds any reason to believe you and/or your guest is no longer a positive influence, or contribute to the AWL mission, all included in the rental booking will be asked to leave the premises and you will forfeit any rental and/or service fee.



All clients and guests of clients entering the building must sign in at the front desk upon arrival. 

We ask that you are considerate of the creative environment during your time in our studios and keep voices low.
Young children must be kept under control and under parent/ guardian supervisor at all times. 

Friendly dogs are welcome - and just like kids, must be kept under control at all times. 

You are welcome to bring props or lighting equipment to use during your session. Or you are welcome to rent ours!

Click here to see our full list of lighting equipment and add-ons available to rent during your studio session.

Absolutely no baking flour, glitter, slime, alcohol consumption, or filming of pornography allowed. No loud noises or messy materials without prior approval.

Furniture must be moved back to where you found it. Guests must remove any equipment they bring into the studio by the end of the booking. Any personal item left behind will be held for up to seven (7) days and then all abandoned items will be tossed.

Clean up after yourself or you will be billed a housekeeping fee.

Payments will be collected in full upfront at time of booking. For studio rentals longer than 6 hours, please contact us.

A 50% refund will be provided if booking is cancelled before 72 hours of rental start time.
If booking is cancelled within 72 hours of rental start time, payment will be forfeited in full. 

Depending on your membership allocations - when you book a studio, those hours will be pulled from your "Benefits" in the AWL Member Portal. After you have used all of your hours, the member a la carte rental rate (based on studio type) will be charged to your Nexudus account, and then invoiced at booking end time. Payments are due with 24 hours.

If you cancel the booking at any point, you will be invoiced a $25 cancellation fee.* 
If you cancel your booking within 72 hours of rental start time, you will be charged the full rental rate and/or forfeit the hours applied from your membership.

*The policies are designed so time slots on our booking calendar is not wasted by people “time hogging” the calendar by putting holds for “soft holds” and/or cancelling last minute - thus keeping others from booking time in the studios. We also book events months in advance and if there is a studio booking on the calendar, that date/ time becomes unavailable for an event booking. Many vendors charge a reschedule/ cancellation fee to clients. We’re not telling you how to run your business, but maybe consider doing so - to encourage your clients to respect your time & booking calendar! :-)


Creative studio rental policies and procedures


Monday  Closed to Public
Tuesday  9AM–5PM
Wednesday  9AM–5PM
Thursday  9AM–5PM
Friday  9AM–5PM
Saturday  8AM–5PM
Sunday  8AM–5PM

Studio rentals are booked by the hour, with a one hour minimum. All rentals include setup and teardown time. If you need additional time for setup and teardown, we recommend booking additional time.

Your rental time will start when you enter the studio and will end when you leave the studio. 

Although we pad each studio booking with a 30 (thirty) minute buffer, things do happen. If you run over your time in to someone else's booking and they are in turn late to start their session, you will be charged a $250 penalty!!! Please, just don't.

Please keep track of your time. If you go over your scheduled rental time, you will be billed at the rate of time and a half, to be paid within twenty-four (24) hours of receiving the invoice.

Fees do not apply to coworking spaces.